How Does Painting Your Own Pottery Work? It’s as easy as 1,2,3!







1) CHOOSE IT  Choose your pottery from our wide selection of pieces. (This might be the hardest part!)

2) PAINT IT Next, choose your colors, grab your brushes, sit down and get started! We have about 90 different colors in stock! If you’re looking for some creative inspiration – our experienced staff are here to help you. We have stamps, stencils, sponges and lots of display pieces to help spark your creative flow.

3) PICK IT UP! Come back in a week and pick up your masterpiece! Parties may take longer.

FAQs: Paint Your Own
Pottery Frequently Asked Questions

Are your paints non-toxic? Yes, all our glazes are food safe, non-toxic, and wash out of clothing.

Do I need to make a reservation? No, you can come in any time – last seating is 1 hour before closing time.  Reservations are required for all parties and strongly recommended for groups of 5 or more. Otherwise, no reservations are necessary – walk ins are always welcome!

What if I don’t finish? That’s okay! You can bring your piece back any time – there’s never an extra charge!

How much does it cost? We have pieces for all budgets! Our prices range from as little as $5 to $75. We have lots of fun kids pieces ($14-$26), seasonal pieces like sunflowers & planters ($17-$35), mugs and glasses ($15-$27) and always a array of plates and platters.

Is there a studio fee? No! We are all-inclusive – there are no studio fees! The price on the piece includes everything you need for your project – paints/glazes, tools, stencils, and glazing and firing.

Do you sell gift certificates? Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for any amount and it never expires! Are you out-of-town and want to purchase for someone local? No problem, we can take payment over the phone and send you the gift certificate through email!

Why does it take a week to finish? After you’re done painting, we let it dry overnight.Then, we dip half your piece in a clear glaze and let it dry overnight, then glaze the other half & let it dry (again). Then, we put everything in the kiln and fire things up… literally — we bake your pieces at over 1,600 deg F! The whole firing cycle takes 24- 28 hours. So now you know why it takes a whole week to get your piece back!

What is “bisque”, anyway? Bisque is what pottery is called when it has been fired once (pre-fired), but has not been glaze-fired.  At The Pottery Cove, we carry a wide-variety of low fire bisque for you to choose and glaze (technically, that’s what our paints are – they’re glazes). All of our bisque is pre-fired to Cone 04 (said, “oh four”).  Then, we fire it in our kiln at a Cone setting of 06.

What is Stoneware Bisque? Stoneware bisque is made from stoneware clay rather than low-fire earthenware clay. This bisque is meant to be glazed with stoneware glazes and fired to cone 5-6 (much hotter than 05-06). Stoneware bisque is ideal for dinnerware and high usage pieces. One thing to always remember, when painting stoneware bisque, keep the foot or bottom of the piece clear of any glaze.






3/17  We’re closed for walk-ins, but offering take-home packages – curbside pickup! Email us for more info!!  Go to our Facebook page to see inventory photos!

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